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Our focus is on ensuring your style and vision is matched by our workmanship and quality product.

We indulge you in our Patio Covers Johannesburg

Johannesburg, let us throw some shade at you.  And no we don’t mean the vitriol kind you find on social media that would have you hot instead cooling you down. Picture taking selfies under a trendy patio cover moulded by SL Awnings or relaxing after a long day’s shift, sipping on your favourite muddy waters. So Johannesburg, can we indulge you in our patio covers that are nothing short of exquisite; the aluminium stuff awnings are made of.  The timing could not be more perfect than having to chill under this festive season while enjoying a braai with friends.

At SL Awnings we focus more on the needs and desire of our customers to give them our trademark stylish designs with huge a tinge of practicality. Should the sun decide to lean against your skin, then a product like our patio covers can also be a stunt double for umbrellas to protect you from the rain and keep your outdoor activities going. Quality based installations, done by professionals will have you saving on air-conditioning costs.  However patios covers are not quasi garages or carports and they are definitely not mini apartments.

So Perhaps you have seen some stunning patio covers in Johannesburg malls, shopping centers or homes, chances are that those are SL Awnings masterpieces. We install on domestically and commercially. A patio cover should blend in with the design of your house or the structure of where you are planning to install it.

SL Awnings offers patio covers in various sizes; the common one being a single-storey framework standing at 12 feet in height. A material of your choice can be provided if you wish so.  It is mandatory to have insect screening to keep mosquitoes at bay. Patio covers in Johannesburg tend to last longer compared to coastal awnings because of the dry air.

If you enjoy Johannesburg sunsets and need some breeze outside without using fly swatters and mozzie coils, choose our patio covers at SL Awnings.

Patio Covers

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