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Our focus is on ensuring your style and vision is matched by our workmanship and quality product.

Relax in the shade with our Patio Covers Johannesburg

The best relaxation session in town is in your Johannesburg backyard. Gone are the unbearable days of hiding inside your house from the sweltering heat during summer. SL Awnings superior quality landscaping patio covers will ensure a balance of shade and tranquillity.

Unwind from the high pressures of the hustle and bustle in Johannesburg and take a breath of fresh air under a custom made patio cover from SL Awnings.

We pride ourselves in the elegant and natural look for homes in Johannesburg with our patio covers. Incorporate your garden furniture and greenery with a patio cover from SL Awnings. Share special moments with your closest friends and family in a tranquil environment with our patio covers. Establish a perfect combination of sunshine, shade and decor with a refreshing drink or take a rejuvenating nap under our patio covers. The best features of our leisure shade-free patio covers include enjoying your Johannesburg home in any temperature.

SL Awnings customises patio covers to your ideal specification according to your home. Each patio cover is comprised with strong aluminium materials to withstand any circumstance of weather. If you prefer a fully enclosed patio allowing for warm rooms during winter or a natural lighting effect in you metropolitan Johannesburg home, our patio covers will cover your every need.

Additional benefits of our patio covers include the protection of your garden furniture and outside tiles from deteriorating. Certain plants and flowers also become dehydrated and wilt if exposed to too much UV rays. Provide shade for your flora and garden furniture with our patio covers. In times of harsh winds and storms, patio covers protects your furniture from damage.

Bask in the natural light of Johannesburg sun in the comfort of your establishment with our Patio Covers.

Contact SL Awnings for more information on our Patio Covers Johannesburg.

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