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Our focus is on ensuring your style and vision is matched by our workmanship and quality product.

We indulge you in our Patio Covers Johannesburg

Johannesburg, let us throw some shade at you.  And no we don’t mean the vitriol kind you find on social media that would have you hot instead cooling you down. Picture taking selfies under a trendy patio cover moulded by SL Awnings or relaxing after a long day’s shift, sipping on your favourite muddy waters. So Johannesburg, can we indulge you in our patio covers that are nothing short of exquisite; the aluminium stuff awnings are made of.  The timing could not be more perfect than having to chill under this festive season while enjoying a braai with friends.

At SL Awnings we focus more on the needs and desire of our customers to give them our trademark stylish designs with huge a tinge of practicality. Should the sun decide to lean against your skin, then a product like our patio covers can also be a stunt double for umbrellas to protect you from the rain and keep your outdoor activities going. Quality based installations, done by professionals will have you saving on air-conditioning costs.  However patios covers are not quasi garages or carports and they are definitely not mini apartments.

So Perhaps you have seen some stunning patio covers in Johannesburg malls, shopping centers or homes, chances are that those are SL Awnings masterpieces. We install on domestically and commercially. A patio cover should blend in with the design of your house or the structure of where you are planning to install it.

SL Awnings offers patio covers in various sizes; the common one being a single-storey framework standing at 12 feet in height. A material of your choice can be provided if you wish so.  It is mandatory to have insect screening to keep mosquitoes at bay. Patio covers in Johannesburg tend to last longer compared to coastal awnings because of the dry air.

If you enjoy Johannesburg sunsets and need some breeze outside without using fly swatters and mozzie coils, choose our patio covers at SL Awnings.

Patio Covers

We are the awning specialists you need

At SL Awnings we are the Awning specialist you need. We have been custom making awnings many years for residential and commercial clients. Using various materials to style your awnings and give you quality service; your requirements are our dreams.

Aluminium awnings can be designed to protect you against the harsh sun or showers from a thunder storm.  Our professional staff ensures that your property is not damaged during the installation of our awnings, especially if the awning is going to be placed close to a window or sensitive part of a building.

Only an awning specialist can match a stylish design with practicality to suit your needs. Whether its carports or patio covers that you need, we will not rest until you are satisfied. We are famous for our freestanding aluminium carports which are  in Joburg homes, restaurants and housing complexes.

Awning specialist gives you options when it comes to product range. You can choose our standard awning which has curved edges and is made in any shape, colour or size. We can also add polycarbonate inserts if you need to.  Louvre Awnings are built to let in that little sunshine and fresh air and they can be opened and closed at will. At SL Awnings, the awning specialist, we can give you versatility while allowing you to have accessories that make your patios areas beautiful.

Specialists in awnings don’t overlook anything and safety is one element that is very essential and we provide a secure area for children to play, without being harmed or exposed to weather conditions.  There is a screen room add-on  that makes our awnings a protective device. It eliminates the chill factor from winds as well. We do specialise in patio lights to keep your evening dinners on the deck awn.

SL awnings is  the awning specialist you need to keep you shaded all through the year.

awning specialists

Relax in the shade with our Patio Covers Johannesburg

The best relaxation session in town is in your Johannesburg backyard. Gone are the unbearable days of hiding inside your house from the sweltering heat during summer. SL Awnings superior quality landscaping patio covers will ensure a balance of shade and tranquillity.

Unwind from the high pressures of the hustle and bustle in Johannesburg and take a breath of fresh air under a custom made patio cover from SL Awnings.

We pride ourselves in the elegant and natural look for homes in Johannesburg with our patio covers. Incorporate your garden furniture and greenery with a patio cover from SL Awnings. Share special moments with your closest friends and family in a tranquil environment with our patio covers. Establish a perfect combination of sunshine, shade and decor with a refreshing drink or take a rejuvenating nap under our patio covers. The best features of our leisure shade-free patio covers include enjoying your Johannesburg home in any temperature.

SL Awnings customises patio covers to your ideal specification according to your home. Each patio cover is comprised with strong aluminium materials to withstand any circumstance of weather. If you prefer a fully enclosed patio allowing for warm rooms during winter or a natural lighting effect in you metropolitan Johannesburg home, our patio covers will cover your every need.

Additional benefits of our patio covers include the protection of your garden furniture and outside tiles from deteriorating. Certain plants and flowers also become dehydrated and wilt if exposed to too much UV rays. Provide shade for your flora and garden furniture with our patio covers. In times of harsh winds and storms, patio covers protects your furniture from damage.

Bask in the natural light of Johannesburg sun in the comfort of your establishment with our Patio Covers.

Contact SL Awnings for more information on our Patio Covers Johannesburg.

Patio Covers Gauteng Johannesburg

Reasons to have Car Port Awnings to protect your car

Safeguard your car from the elements with our Car Port Awnings.

Some homeowners do not have the luxury of a shade forest in their backyard, hence why a carport awning is the solution to the harsh elements your car is exposed to. From the scorching heat from the sun to gale force winds and bombarded showers of heavy rain and hail- carport awnings is your answer to conserve your car from being damaged by Mother Nature. In times of colder temperatures, carport awnings keep the frostiness from infiltrating your car.

Protect the interior of your car.

The dashboard, steering wheel and upholstery are affected from the constant UV rays that your car is exposed to. Carport awnings will ensure that the inside of your car is protected from unpleasant damage or cracking of leather seats and expensive steering wheels.

Protecting the paint job.

Maintaining that brand new polished car look has never been easier with a carport awning from SL Awnings. It may be expensive to re-paint or polish your car from the regular UV rays your car is exposed to.

Alternative to tinted windows.

Car port awnings provide an alternative to tinted windows. Tinted windows can sometimes be a costly venture, carport awnings is an affordable and preventive measure from the sweltering heat.

Car Port Awnings for Protection from animals.

Birds and other friendly creatures have the platform to make your car the perfect destination to relax. Make it your duty to protect your car from a social gathering with a carport awning.

Car port awnings help with actual driving performance.

An over exposure of heat impairs the engine, radiators and battery of your car which affects your cars driving ability. Sometimes the car overheats from the consistent UV rays which are cause for concern when driving far distances or driving in traffic. A car port awning provides the long term durability of your cars performance.

SL Awnings is a first class provider of high quality structures in car port awnings. Invest in the long term durability of your car with a carport awning from SL Awnings.

Contact SL Awnings for more information. Car Port Awnings

 Car Port Awnings

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